About Us

It was in 1892 when, on San Francisco Street, in the neighborhood of Ferrol Vello, the entrance by the port facade of the city, Guillermo Ventura Martín and Emilio Antón Yboleón founded Antón Martin y Cia, dedicated to provide all kinds of services to the boats that arrived to Ferrol.

 Decades later, the firm had already become a benchmark for the shipyards of the estuary and also for the shipowners who were responsible for sending, by sea, the machinery needed for the Endesa thermal power plant in As Pontes.

Our goal is to continue growing, adapting to the reality of the s. XXI, new markets, industry 4.0, green energy, offshore technology, etc. A fascinating world awaits us, full of uncertainties and many exciting opportunities.


Antón, Martín (Shipping) SL, faithful to its trajectory, puts at your disposal all its structure in the confidence of being able to respond to the needs that suppose a logistics demand of Maritime Agency, port operative or transport, guaranteeing at all times the quality and agility in any of its activities.

Actually Antón Martín Shipping is established around all Iberian Peninsula, with main headquarters at Ferrol and La Coruña Port.


 During his long career he has developed among his activities Logistics of Consignees, Agents of P & I, Storekeepers, Charterers, Freight Forwarders, Customs Agents …

 The diversity and peculiarity of traffic, both regular and tramp, through the ports where the company is operating: solids and liquids, general cargo and passengers, requires a high level of specialization as consignee and manager as well as the ability to solve any unforeseen event in record time.